5 Security Concerns with Mobile Payments

What might first seem a bit of a stretch – we’re a blog devoted to physical security after all – the ability to secure one’s online transactions is a growing concern.

Although less than 20 percent of Americans use mobile payments, that number is expected to rise as more and more consumers and businesses come to appreciate the ease and convenience offered by such technology.
Why aren’t more Americans jumping on the mobile payment bandwagon? As would be expected, most cite security concerns for the hesitation, and for good reason. Mobile devices now make up a disproportionate share of the $6 billion that fraud costs businesses each year.

You might not be using a mobile app to pay your guards, but you may be thinking about adopting the technology for other parts of your business, or perhaps have used mobile devices to make a payment or purchase yourself.
Not all mobile devices are created equal, and you’re never completely devoid of risk, but there are steps you can take to better secure your transactions online.

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