7 Steps to Improving Stadium and Large Event Security

As stadiums and venues continue to be a terrorist favorite, security teams need to reevaluate their existing protocols to stay one step ahead. After all, criminals are always on the lookout for new ways to exploit vulnerabilities.
There’s much talk about the area surrounding a venue, but what about the venue itself? Most do a good job screening guests as they enter, and maintaining a physical presence as the crowed mulls around before the event begins. But what happens once the crowd is seated? Guests focus their attention to the event at hand, and the security staff may be let go early, allowing easy access to an arena and its perimeter.
Outside, so-called soft targets like transportation outlets, parking lots and souvenir stands are all easy targets. Usually clumped together, the author suggests disbursing these as far from the exits as possible, as a way to mitigate risk.
Security plans aren’t – and shouldn’t – be static. There are always lessons to be learned from past incidents, as the article below rightly points out.