After London and Manchester, we need better public venue security

In the aftermath of terror attacks, is the response more about appearance than actual security?

That’s the argument put forth in the article below. Citing a discrepancy between public and private reaction to such events, the author contends that private facilities and venues need to do more to safeguard their customers. Public response usually includes an increased police presence and the addition of street barriers. Similar measures are often missing at private businesses. In New York, for example, theater-goers are subjected to bag searches performed by employees who are unarmed and untrained in security protocols. If an explosive device were found, what then?

Of course, security is often linked to bottom line. Smaller venues simply don’t have the resources to hire consultants or better trained security officers. Yet the author argues that the age of the lowest bidder is over. An usher cannot be repurposed and expected to uncover bombs, guns or other threats.

Is he right? Read the article and decide for yourself:

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