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Allied Barton/Universal Merger: What You Need to Know

What does the future hold for small and regional security guard companies after the Allied Barton/Universal Merger?  Security expert Keith Oringer offers his perspective:


  • Universal Services of America
    Formed as a janitorial company in 1965 serving Southern California, Universal expanded into the security industry in 1969 with the formation of Universal Protection Service. Under the leadership of its CEO, the company grew from $12 million in revenue to more than $2.5 billion and acquired more than three dozen companies in the last four years.
  • AlliedBarton Security
    Allied Security acquired Barton Protective to form their current organization in 2004, which at the time made the largest American-owned contract security services company in the United States. The company had annual revenue of $2.0 billion
  • AlliedUniversal
    Following the merger, the combined entity has revenue representing $4.5 billion, which is the largest in North America and the 3rd or 4th largest in the world behind G4S and Securitas. Prosegur & AlliedUniversal have approximately the same revenues.


The combined company covers all of North America.  As a result, they are in a position to service any customer or client in virtually any area within North America.

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After Orlando: What Kind of Security Program Do I Need?

By Eddie Sorrells, CPP, PSP, CHS IV

In the early morning hours of Sunday June 12th, events were unfolding in Orlando, FL that would once again shine the national spotlight on the need for increased security in and around what is commonly referred to as “soft targets,” a person or thing that is relatively unprotected or vulnerable, especially to a terrorist attack. Forty nine people lost their lives, and countless others were wounded during a shooting rampage that was carried out by a man who was intent on making a murderous statement on behalf of his beliefs. Just a day earlier, a popular singer was also gunned down in Orlando at an autograph signing after a concert. While the investigations into these tragedies are on-going, the call for immediate action was swift.

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Eyes in the skies, meet your newest sidekick: the flying security guard

That’s what start-up Aptonomy is calling its latest drone technology that could make prison breaks and other crimes a thing of the past. Best of all, the drones can be programmed to approach intruders in a way that complies with all existing laws.

The drones have the ability to fly low and fast over a set area, and can be accessed by a guard who is miles away. And when their batteries are running low, they fly back to a charging station to power up.

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NFL hires Cathy Lanier as top security official

She kept the nation’s capital safe, now she’s been tapped to keep one of America’s favorite sports safe. Kudos to D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier, who will retire from the department after 26 years to become the Senior Vice President of Security for the NFL. She will be responsible for the security of all 32 NFL teams and their stadiums, and will also oversee security at the Super Bowl.

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Put Your Name On This Travel Bag – ASIS Orlando Show Special

Stop by Booth 3272 and enter to win this personalized travel bag. It’s engineered to hold enough for days of serious travel with a wide opening and a huge cargo compartment.

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