Can this fabric turn clothes into batteries?

Scientists across academia are searching for ways to turn fabrics into energy sources. Here are two that caught our attention:

Has the battery on your cell phone ever run out just as you needed to make an important call? Well, in the future you might be able to use your shirt to recharge it.

Scientists at UMASS Amherst have applied a special coating to individual yarn strands when fabricating a piece of clothing. The result is that the fabric can harness the power of movement to charge small personal devices like cellphones or smart watches.

Ever thought of living off the grid? The team at the Georgia Institute of Technology has. Their electricity-generating fabric design is being tested not in shirts or jackets, but in broader applications such as flags and tent panels.

The scientists believe that planting a flag in a sunny field can generate electricity to charge up devices no matter where users may be. For hikers or anyone in remote areas this technology could prove to be a literal lifesaver.

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