Company raises $18 million for body scanners that don’t cause long lines at security

Nobody likes going through body scanners at airports, but they do provide a necessary safeguard against potential threats. The devices, ubiquitous at large venues like stadiums and concert arenas, are virtually nonexistent at smaller facilities. These so-called softer targets are no less at risk, but simply don’t have the resources for sophisticated security programs. And the longer wait time would detract from the fan experience.

But what if you could remove those barriers and level the playing field?

That’s exactly the idea behind Evolv Edge, a new proprietary system developed by a startup out of Waltham, Ma., that promises to help those with limited budgets gain access to advanced technology. The Evolv Edge includes a security gate that the company claims can scan over 600 people an hour, eliminating the need for pat downs.

Evolv’s systems also work in conjunction with cameras and facial recognition software to identify people entering a venue and check them against relevant databases. If a person is not permitted to be in a building, Evolv alerts human security guards so they can investigate further.

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