Demand high, supply low: America’s search for bomb-sniffing dogs

Turns out man’s best friend is in high demand…in the security industry.
With the risk for terrorists attacking soft targets at an all time high, the demand for bomb-sniffing detection dogs has skyrocketed. But there’s a supply shortage, which has caused the price for a single dog to top $25,000.
Competition for the canine companions is stiff, coming from the likes of Customs and Border Protection, the State Department, various federal and local law-enforcement entities, private security companies, and even companies in the hospitality industry. As an example, the TSA currently has about 1,000 German shepherds and golden retrievers in its ranks, and is on the hunt for more. It needs about 350 new dogs each year to replace those that retire.
But if you think the shortfall can be offset by some gadget or robot, guess again. Nothing, it seems, is as sensitive or discerning as a dog’s nose.