Does your church need licensed security guards?

Should churches, synagogues and other houses of worship be exempt from regulations governing security patrols? Some in Dallas seem to think so.

Alarmed by the recent spate of attacks on houses of worship, pastors from the region have set up volunteer security teams to keep parishioners safe. These teams patrol the grounds, guard services, and intervene in medical emergencies. Those with a concealed carry permit also carry firearms.

Problem is, none of these volunteers are licensed by the state, and few have been trained as security professionals. The churches want to be exempt from the requirements, and have found an ally in a local lawmaker. The state, citing safety concerns, believes otherwise.

What do you think? Should the rules be relaxed? If a person has a concealed carry permit, should he be able to use it under these circumstances? Should background checks be required, as supporters of the licensing requirement suggest? Read the article, and tell us your thoughts:

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