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There’s An App For That:  Playbook, Security at Your Fingertips

In sports, a playbook is a book that contains a team’s strategies and plays. When a new situation presents itself, a coach or manager will use the playbook to figure out what to do next.

Security teams, too, rely on a playbook of sorts, a physical record that can contain everything from the layout of a venue, contacts, event details, and evacuation procedures. But books and binders can be bulky or misplaced. Worse, they may not be accessible when you need them most.  What then?

A new crowd planning technology aims to answer “what if” for those in charge of “what’s next”.  Designed for venues, live events, law enforcement and first responders, Playbook replaces the physical with the digital, making your plans readily accessible to relevant stakeholders or anyone of your choosing.  Like a binder, Playbook is portable, but that’s where the comparison ends. There’s little fear that Playbook will be left in an office or lost, because Playbook is accessed from an app on your cellphone.  And when was the last time anyone left a cellphone behind?

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After the touchdown: A Conversation with Neal Mead, Event Management, Ole Miss Rebels

By Dan Mendelson, President of Unitex Direct

Where do former college football players go after their collegiate years end?  For a fortunate few, it’s a trip to the NFL; for most, however, the options are less glamorous.  Then there’s the diehards, a select group whose passion for sports can’t be extinguished with the end of their playing careers.  They journey toward a new path, one that keeps them in the game, albeit from an entirely different perspective.

We recently caught up with Neal Mead, a former prominent member of the offensive line for the Golden Eagle football team as the starting right tackle. He lettered three years and helped lead Southern Miss to the 2003 Conference USA Championship, and bowl appearances in the Liberty Bowl (2003) and New Orleans Bowl (2004, 2005).

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Whitepaper: What does your Uniform Program say about your brand?

First impressions are ever-lasting, and so it goes with uniforms. A sharply dressed guard can instill confidence; a poor look could have your customers turning to your competitors.

In Unitex Direct’s new whitepaper, you’ll learn how to create the look that’s right for you. You’ll get tips on fabric selection, sizing and garment care. There’s even a discussion on how to better manage your program through technology and online tools. And finally, you’ll discover that a professional, custom uniform program is available at all price points.

Your brand is everything. Learn the do’s – and don’ts – to protect your company’s image and its bottom line through a uniform program.

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Should ICE Officers Identify Themselves As ‘Police’?

For most of us, the term “police” conjures images of protection and help. In times of crises, police provide comfort and allay fear.

But for some in the immigrant community the adjective can evoke fear and mistrust, particularly during these highly charged political times. Should an immigration agent be allowed to identify himself as a police officer? Right now, it’s perfectly legal, but should it be?

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As The Robotics Industry Grows, So Do Security Concerns

What if that robot patrolling your mall was hacked? Or that driverless car was reprogrammed to plow into a busy walkway near your stadium? As technology takes over more and more tasks ordinarily performed by humans, that threat is becoming a real possibility.

In one recent incident, the makers of telepresence, or wheeled robots had to issue security patches after they discovered that hackers may have been able to access GPS coordinates or even gain control of the robot itself, potentially compromising sensitive office documents.

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2017 National Sports Safety And Security Conference and Exhibition

When: July 11-13, 2017
Where: Florida
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ASIS International 63rd annual Seminar and Exhibits

When: September 25-28, 2017
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