How Google and Levi’s smart jacket shows what’s coming next for wearables

Can a denim jacket be a problem solver? Google and Levi Strauss certainly think so.
Their new smart jacket is being marketed as a product that can be used to solve everyday problems people have. It’s a switch from from the usual conversation surrounding smart products, where the garment takes a back seat to the technology driving it. Here, fashion and design reign supreme.

That’s because its technology features are subtler than most. With most smart garments, the technology is attached and removed when washed, making it less comfortable and inconvenient for some wearers. By contrast, the tech in the Google and Levi jacket is woven into the fibers, allowing users to take phone calls, get directions and check the time without taking their eyes off the road.

Right now, the jacket is being marketed to the cycling community, but it is easy to see a crossover into other markets, law enforcement being a top consideration. The jacket is slated to hit stores this fall.

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