How London’s churches are battling terrorism’s culture of fear

Can a church protect itself while staying true to its mission?
That’s a question that many houses of worship across London are grappling with since the city has become a target of terrorists.
No one argues the need for increased security; in many ways, houses of worship are the ultimate soft target. They welcome all, and provide a quiet place for reflection and prayer. In contrast, security protocols are designed to exclude, to keep people out. Can you strike a balance between serenity and safety?
That’s what the London churches are trying to figure out. After reviewing its security protocols, Westminster Abbey decided to forego House-of -Parliament -style security barriers for fear of turning the Abbey into a fortress. Others have hired Directors of Security, new positions for many, in the hopes of developing measures that are less visible – and less threatening – to visitors. And some have stepped up their bag searches, augmenting these with an occasional wand search.
Is it enough? Read the article, and decide for yourself: