‘I want to be safe.’ Why a growing number of neighborhoods are hiring private security

Seems security isn’t just for the rich and famous anymore.

That’s what the article below suggests. Neighborhoods across Sacramento, California are taking protection into their own hands, hiring private security guards to patrol their neighborhoods.

This is not a reaction to a violent crime wave; rather it is in response to a rise in so-called quality of life issues that have plagued the area for years. Stolen bicycles, cars broken into, the types of criminal mischief that can make a town fee less safe.

Where are the police, you may ask? Sacramento, like other areas, is still reeling from the effects of the recession. The city cut its police force below state averages before the number of officers began to climb back up in 2014. But their ranks are still 14 percent below typical department standards.

As expected, there has been some pushback from residents, but for many, the added expense is worth the peace of mind. And there is a growing realization that the police just can’t be everywhere.

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