In Las Vegas, the casino is always watching — and yet it missed Stephen Paddock

In a place where everyone is watching everyone else, where cameras are recording the comings and goings of guests 24/7, a lone gunman was able to commit the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.

While the police search for motive, the rest of us are left wondering how Stephen Paddock could have gone undetected in a place with so much surveillance.

It’s a good question, one that will have Las Vegas hoteliers rethinking their strategy going forward. First up: adding more “eyes in the sky”. Cameras aren’t mounted in hotel hallways for a number of reasons, but if they were, security might have been alerted to trouble sooner.

The Los Angeles Times points out that much of a security team’s training is centered on preventing personal injury lawsuits against the casino. This concern has led to a reduction in armed security officers, a situation that will surely come under review given the current climate.

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