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In Security Training, All Programs
are Not Created Equal

Security officers are the nation’s true first responders. Well before anyone else, they are on the scene. Their actions can determine whether a situation diffuses or escalates. Yet despite playing an important role in safeguarding the public, their professional training sometimes lags behind other industries, and state requirements can range from very good to woefully inadequate.

Fern Abbott, director and chief instructor at AFI Security Training Institute, spoke to attendees at last month’s ASIS Annual Conference about training trends for the security industry. Below, she offers advice on what to look for before sending your security officers out to train, and why stricter standards are necessary in a post 9/11 world:

Q. Last month’s ASIS Conference took place in Orlando, site of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, and during the 15th anniversary of 9/11. What was the overall takeaway for participants?

A. Terrorists are going to do whatever they can to destroy us, so we must remain on high alert.

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Private Security a $35 Billion Per Year Business

Private security is big business. The industry is booming here and globally according to a story that appeared online last week. Referencing government data and industry sources, the article reviews different market segments, notes growth areas, and cites urban violence as a reason for the increase.

You might expect such information in an industry trade publication, but the post actually appeared on, a tech and science website authored by a self-described “futurist.”

Unusual? It had us wondering too. Nonetheless, it’s a useful snapshot of the current security landscape that also includes some interesting reader comments.

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Today’s Technology Could be Tomorrow’s Uniform

Nanotechnology, e-textiles, smart textiles and 3D printing. You’ve heard the terms, but how much do you really know about them?

Clothing isn’t just what you wear any longer. Infused with technology, garments are now interactive and personalized; they can communicate with your smart phone and even be customized by the wearer. Then there’s 3D printing. Since the technology emerged, 3D printers have produced everything from home goods to apparel to shoes.

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Grand Rapids’ former top cop goes to private sector

Former Grand Rapids Police Chief Kevin Belk has been named senior vice president of DK Security, a full-service provider of uniformed and armed security, investigations and event management.

Belk was a member of the Grand Rapids PD for 34 years, six of which was spent as its chief before retiring in2014. At DK Security, he’ll be in charge of the Armed Division, Investigations and Special Operations.

Welcome back Chief Belk, and best of luck in your new position.

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