Iris and fingerprint scanning coming to Sea-Tac Airport security as new option this week


It may sound like something straight out of Minority Report, but starting this week, travelers will have the option to get through part of security at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport via iris and fingerprint scans.

Biometrics company Clear anticipates launching its screening terminals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport sometime this week. There will be two terminals at each of the airport’s three security checkpoints. Construction delays pushed back the launch, and Clear was hesitant to give a definitive opening day as a result.

The technology provides an alternative to the part of the check-in process where passengers wait in long, winding lines to have their ID and boarding pass checked by U.S. Transportation Security Administration agents. Instead, passengers can get iris or fingerprint scans while a Clear employee scans their boarding pass, and off they go to the body and carry-on scanners.

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