Live Music After Manchester

“If you change your habits, they’ve won.”

How many times has some variation of the above been said since 9/11? Perhaps you’ve even said it yourself. There are risks everywhere, you reason. You can’t live in fear.

Except when you do.

Take for example the reaction to the bombing of the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Concert-going is a rite of passage for tweens and teens, but permission and purchasing decisions usually rest with parents – and they have been given pause after the attack. When asked if her 11-year old would be going to any future concerts, one parent recently offered this resolute response: “She is far too precious. It is not worth the risk.”

Terrorists want to change the way that we live, and that’s what these attacks do. If we change our habits, they’ve won. But for this parent, and countless others, perhaps it is a small price to pay.

How can we better secure the nation’s stadiums and concert venues, large and small?

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