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NCS4 Conference Focuses on
Sport and Entertainment Facilities Security

By Dan Mendelson, President of Unitex Direct

I spent several days last month at the NCS4 conference in Orlando. For those who don’t know, the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) is dedicated to improving security awareness at stadiums, arenas and public venues across the United States.  This newsletter featured NCS4 in December, but if you missed it, you can read the article here.

This year’s conference drew 500 attendees, a new record for the ten-year old organization.  Many, like myself, took part in education sessions and gained insights from leaders across the event services spectrum.  For example, I was a spectator in a DHS exercise to help managers plan an effective security budget and to make the necessary decisions of how to protect their most valuable assets – the people who come to enjoy the game or the experience. There was also a good mix of organizations in attendance too, everyone from Walt Disney Security to the NFL were represented.

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Why Bigger Security Guard Companies
Aren’t Always The Best Security Companies

By Keith Oringer, President of Security ProAdvisors, LLC.

Growth is on the mind of every security guard company owner — but a being bigger company isn’t always being a better company. Smaller companies enjoy several advantages in the security guard industry, but they have to know how to leverage them. And when you do grow, you have to do it in a way that you don’t overextend your resources. “Everyone wants growth, but revenue growth for the sake of revenue growth is not good,” says Keith Oringer of Security ProAdvisors, especially if you want to be one of the best security companies in your market.


With that being said, let’s talk about the three advantages that smaller security companies enjoy, along with some tips on how to use them to out-maneuver your larger competitors.

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Whitepaper: What does your Uniform Program say about your brand?

First impressions are ever-lasting, and so it goes with uniforms. A sharply dressed guard can instill confidence; a poor look could have your customers turning to your competitors.

In Unitex Direct’s new whitepaper, you’ll learn how to create the look that’s right for you. You’ll get tips on fabric selection, sizing and garment care. There’s even a discussion on how to better manage your program through technology and online tools. And finally, you’ll discover that a professional, custom uniform program is available at all price points.

Your brand is everything. Learn the do’s – and don’ts – to protect your company’s image and its bottom line through a uniform program.

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Survey On Contract Security

Do you own or manage a contract security company?  Make sure your voice is counted in the annual white paper on U.S. Contract Security sponsored by Robert H. Perry and Associates.

It takes only a few minutes to participate, but the information you provide is invaluable in making the White Paper the most accurate and comprehensive publication available on the security industry. The responses will be held in strict confidence and used only in general industry statistics (no company names or comments will be disclosed).

If you prefer, you can also participate offline by calling 336.272.2266.

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More than 1,400 federal agents are wearing expired body armor

Federal agents have been wearing expired body armor for months, according to a Washington lawmaker. U.S. Senator Charles Grassley says that over 1,400 U.S. Marshals are impacted, exposing them to unnecessary risk.

Ballistic vests can actually wear out or age so much that they become less effective at stopping bullets. Typically, a vest is designed to last five years, but factors such as how the vest is worn or where it is stored can affect efficacy.

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Fabrics as the New Software

Advances in fabric technology have made today’s uniforms both comfortable and good looking, a far cry from those worn by previous generations. Now, the industry is readying itself for the next leap forward; a uniform that looks good, feels good, and acts “smart.” In the very near future, uniforms, apparel and accessories could include fabrics that see, hear, sense, communicate, regulate temperature, monitor health and change color.

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