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Controlling Costs with Remote Monitoring: What You Need to Know

Guard companies looking to control costs often find it difficult to strike a balance between a customer’s needs and bottom line. But there is a solution. Many are turning to a mix of staff and technology, or eyes in the sky, boots on the ground, to answer their security needs.

We contacted Brad Gordon, CEO of “eyes- in –the- sky” provider Viewpoint CRM, to learn more about the technology side of the equation, and to better understand its applicability to the security market. Here’s what he had to say:

Q. Tell us a little bit about what Viewpoint is

A. Viewpoint is a remote video and management firm that fuses CCTV / Audio / and proprietary software to provide services that range from simple incident identification to full on interactive security, safety, and facility management services. Viewpoint is designed to integrate with existing systems, limiting costs.

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Securing your Business through Outside Consultancy

Over the last couple of months, we talked about securing a customer’s business through people and technology. You can read the articles here.

This month, we turn our attention to securing a guard company’s most important asset – its business.

The security guard industry includes thousands of small and mid-sized firms. Many grow to a plateau and stay there. The owners/operators are usually too busy to plan adequately for growth, or they lack expertise in a key area. Still others decide the time is ripe for a sale.

Whether you’re looking to sell a guard company or acquire one, or simply wish to improve your bottom line, there are outside consultancy firms that can help the process run smoothly.

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The Two Top Security Training Schools in Florida Join Forces to Form The Security Training Group, LLC

To provide the highest standard of security training to individuals engaged in the private security industry and ensure top quality security professionals in the field, Florida’s top two security training schools, the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute and Invictus Security, have joined forces to create The Security Training Group, LLC (STG).

Pembroke Pines, Florida – Safety and security is on the forefront of society’s mind more than ever before, and the demand for highly trained and qualified licensed security professionals has never been greater. Fromarmed security and unarmed security positions to loss prevention and asset protection, the proactive nature of the security officers job is a critical part of effective strategies for protecting the public not only when mass violence erupts, but on a day-to-day basis.

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Iris and fingerprint scanning coming to Sea-Tac Airport security as new option this week

It may sound like something straight out of Minority Report, but starting this week, travelers will have the option to get through part of security at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport via iris and fingerprint scans.

Biometrics company Clear anticipates launching its screening terminals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport sometime this week. There will be two terminals at each of the airport’s three security checkpoints. Construction delays pushed back the launch, and Clear was hesitant to give a definitive opening day as a result.

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