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Not Worth the Risk: Protecting Your Brand and Bottom Line Through An Investment in Security

Ask any owner or manager about the one thing that keeps them up at night and you’ll hear a similar refrain – a security breach at their arena. Whether an active shooter, bomb scare, terrorist or just a distracted fan, all staff must know what to do in times of crises in order to operate from a position of strength. Break the communication chain or skimp on security, and your brand will suffer.  And the financial fallout could be significant.

James DeMeo has spent over a quarter century helping security leaders develop effective strategies to mitigate risk.  In 2015, he leveraged his love of sports and knowledge of law enforcement to form Unified Sports & Entertainment Security Consulting, LLC., where, through education and training, he shares his expertise in brand protection and risk mitigation with event management, contract agencies  and venue directors.  DeMeo says that investing in security not only keeps patrons safe, but is one of the building blocks to a strong brand.

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How NCS4 Safety Summit Pulls together
a Range of Expertise

By Dan Mendelson, President of Unitex Direct

We live in a time marked by evolving security concerns.  That’s why I traveled to Hattiesburg, Mississippi in January for the 4th annual National Intercollegiate Athletics Safety and Security Summit. The event brought together the best minds from the event security sector for a singular purpose: reducing the risk of terror attacks at sports events throughout the collegiate community.

More than ever before, it’s important to pull together a range of expertise to ensure that events remain safe and that both the pubic and spectator is protected, and that’s what I found at the two-day summit hosted by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4).

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Whitepaper: What does your Uniform Program say about your brand?

First impressions are ever-lasting, and so it goes with uniforms. A sharply dressed guard can instill confidence; a poor look could have your customers turning to your competitors.

In Unitex Direct’s new whitepaper, you’ll learn how to create the look that’s right for you. You’ll get tips on fabric selection, sizing and garment care. There’s even a discussion on how to better manage your program through technology and online tools. And finally, you’ll discover that a professional, custom uniform program is available at all price points.

Your brand is everything. Learn the do’s – and don’ts – to protect your company’s image and its bottom line through a uniform program.

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Is this Sewing Robot the Future of Fashion?

The use of robots in the apparel supply chain isn’t exactly news, and in fact we’ve blogged about it several times. But the following story provides a timely twist given the new administration’s push to bolster the number of products made in the U.S.

It’s no secret that most apparel is made elsewhere – a whopping 97 percent according to several reports. The number one reason? Labor costs. But what if those costs were removed. Would manufacturing reshore here?

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Securing the Security Industry in Canada

The demand for private security guards is at an all-time high in Canada – hiring has gone up over 40 percent over the last five years. The need is so great that companies are finding it difficult to keep up with demand.

Why? It’s a familiar problem even on this side of the border: finding skilled applicants at the right price. Guards have abilities to perform basic tasks, but a growing number of assignments require training in technology, a skill that many simply do not have .

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