One employer’s view of the ‘Are you better off?’ test


“Are you better off now?” Reagan uttered that familiar phrase over three decades ago, and since then politicians have tried to spin the response in their favor.

This year’s presidential crop is no exception; for Trump, it’s all gloom and doom; camp Hillary, while acknowledging problems, believes things aren’t that bad at all. But the presidential candidates aren’t the only ones weighing in.

Steve Jones, chief executive of newly created AlliedUniversal offered his perspective during an interview last week. Like many, Jones cites a mixed bag on the economic front. Service jobs are plentiful according to Jones, but finding qualified applicants at the entry to mid-level range remains a challenge, due primarily to technology and education.

In comments about the much-maligned hedge fund and private equity industry, Jones notes how the tools were used by both Allied Barton and Universal to create strong, viable companies.

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