One-third of US companies breached last year, consumers pay the price

In late 2014, a Gallup poll found that more Americans were afraid of having their credit card information stolen than of being murdered. Less than 3 years later, it seems those individuals may have been on to something.

Just about 34 percent of U.S companies reported having their online systems hacked last year, and while that may not seem like a lot given the amount of businesses operating in the country remember this: the figure represents those that reported security breaches. Many others, fearing customer backlash, eschew reporting
Human error accounts for most security breaches; clicking on links, visiting untested sites and certain email accounts can leave you more vulnerable to hacks. While no company is impenetrable, a sound security dense that includes staff training and better technology would go a long way to reduce such risks.

As we become more connected, it’s advice we all should heed:

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