Robot Security Guards: Coming to a Town near You?


The next big job disrupter might not come from trade as the current debate suggests, but rather from technology.

Homegrown technologies have created driverless cars, drones and 3D printers, and all have the potential to disrupt the American labor force, displacing workers in numbers that rival offshoring. The impact to industry could be significant, and that includes the guard services industry.

Consider this: Knightscope has introduced an Autonomous Data Machine that is designed to perform the tasks that human security guards do. And while a robot can’t help you find a bathroom or assist in a medical emergency, they can reduce a business’s operating costs. Put simply, robots work cheap; Knightscope rents them out for less than $7.00 per hour. Will those human touches be as important as a company’s bottom line in the long run?

What do you think? Will security guards become obsolete? How can the guard industry adapt? Read the article and send us your comments.

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