Securing the Security Industry in Canada

The demand for private security guards is at an all-time high in Canada – hiring has gone up over 40 percent over the last five years. The need is so great that companies are finding it difficult to keep up with demand.

Why? It’s a familiar problem even on this side of the border: finding skilled applicants at the right price. Guards have abilities to perform basic tasks, but a growing number of assignments require training in technology, a skill that many simply do not have .

What’s the solution? Better pay and training would go a long way in attracting an applicant pool with those in-demand skills, but despite the danger associated with security work, the pay level is notoriously low across the country. Post 9/ll, San Bernardino and the Pulse Nightclub, it is still difficult to get the customer to understand that an investment in security is an investment in their business.

Have you faced similar hurdles? How have you responded? What are your customers telling you? Read the article and let’s start a conversation in the comments section: