Taser’s Free Body Cameras Are Good for Cops, Not the People

There is no such thing as a free lunch, so the saying goes. That logic might also extend to police body cameras.

Recently, Taser, the manufacturer, announced that it would supply body cameras to departments across the country free of charge. Many hailed the gesture as a victory for tax payers and law enforcement alike. After all, free is good, right?

Maybe. Proponents note that body cameras ensure accountability, and when used properly can reduce the use of force and abuse. They can also foster trust, and build relationships within the community.

That is all possible, of course, when the cameras are used properly, and we have seen several high profile events where their usage has been called into question. Currently, there are no universal guidelines governing the use of body cameras, and opponents fear already lax standards will be exacerbated if their usage becomes more widespread.

Are universal standards called for, and if so, what should they be? Read the article and tell us what you think.

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