The greatest challenge today for physical security experts?


Perhaps the greatest challenge today for physical security experts is the protection of stadium and sports events. The terrorism threat, whether by a lone wolf or coordinated by the Islamic State, has already prompted cities and teams to ramp up spending on security to over $2 billion per year worldwide, according to an article on

Take a look at the heightened measures in place at this year’s U.S. Tennis Open in New York. The event kicked off on August 29th, and is expected to draw 700,000 spectators to the two-week event. An additional 300 security guards were added to bolster the ranks of the NYPD; other protective measures include closed circuit television and technology that can detect the presence of chemical and biological agents.

The event wraps on with the men’s final on September 11 – the 15th anniversary of the attacks on New York and Washington, D.C.

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