The Only Thing That Can Fix Air Travel Is Your Body

No one likes lines, especially at the airport. For security reasons, airports lines can never be completely eliminated, but there are options available to lessen the inconvenience. Here are a couple:
Want to leave your license in your pocket? A growing number of companies are using biometrics to allow you to do just that. The fee-based service from Clear will take your fingerprints, perform an iris scan or snap a photo of your face to speed you through check-in. New body scanners from Evolv gather information at rapid speed and rely on AI technology to analyze data and alert an operator of any concerns. The machine can scan about 600 people an hours, which is two to three times the typical speed of a checkpoint.
Evolv says it can make an airport more secure, while Clear can make airline travel less of a hassle. Together, its makes for a easier, safer passenger experience.