March 11, 2020    No Comments on THE SOUL OF A NEW COMPANY

Many years ago a very popular book, “The Soul Of A New Machine,” came out and was an immediate best seller. This non-fiction book written by Tracy Kidder was published in 1981. It chronicles the experiences of a computer engineering team racing to design a next-generation computer at a blistering pace under tremendous pressure.   Ultimately, they were successful.

 At Unitex Direct, we too have a soul and it’s reflected in the 9 individuals in our picture.  Together we have over 100+ years of combined experience at Unitex Direct. We recently downsized the company a little to reflect the reality of our new tighter focus on security and event staffing.  So, in essence even though we are 28 years old, with every customer we re-invent ourselves every day in order to solve their problems.  

All of our employees say, “No two days are the same at Unitex Direct and that’s what makes our work exciting and meaningful.”  We are always in problem solving mode. We are always pushing the delivery envelope. We are always working with everyone in our supply chain from Vietnam to Commerce Township (our business home) to make sure that our customers are always first.

Every month we have a company lunch held within the confines of our building.  In order to do something a little different to reflect the new focus of our core employees we recently celebrated the beginning of the New Year by going out for a company lunch at Soul Café.  Soul Café also houses artist work space for individuals with disabilities. Much of their artwork adorns the walls of the restaurant.  

The time we spent relaxing as a team is as important as the time we spend under pressure and under deadline taking care of our customer every day.  After 28 years our motto is still: Quality Uniform Solutions. Guaranteed.

We thank each and every one of our customers for their loyal support over these 28 years and look forward to a great 2020.                                                 

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