Timberland Elevates Eco-Fashion in Trash-Reducing Collection

Most stories about manufacturing usually paint a bleak picture for the factory worker, who has either been downsized due to offshoring or advances in technology. But there are also happier endings, as the following illustrates.
Plastic bottles have been turned into everything from restaurant wear to law enforcement uniforms to sports apparel. Now comes word of a collaboration between well-known footwear manufacturer Timberland and Thread, a company that works with third world countries to turn trash into usable products – and jobs. Their focus at the moment is on one of the world’s poorest countries: Haiti
So far, the initiative has resulted in 765,280 plastic bottles recycled, 30,521,203 gallons of water saved, 15,305 pounds of pesticide not used, 77 income opportunities created in Haiti, $2,295 in revenue generated for Haitian bottle collectors and collection centers and $14,540 in revenue generated for Haitian recyclers.
The end product is produced in U.S.-based factories, a win for us too.