U.S. Stadium Security: Could The Unthinkable Occur Here?

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U.S. Stadium Security: Could The Unthinkable Occur Here?

By James A. DeMeo, M.S.

With the Holiday Season in overdrive, the threat of Terrorism in today’s society is ever present. The tragedies which unfolded in Berlin a a constant, yet painful reminder that security leaders must view training/risk mitigation initiatives through a proactive lens. The emergence of lone wolf, domestic and international threats presents numerous challenges for today’s U.S. stadium security directors. Those entrusted with duty of care responsibilities must be prepared to properly safeguard confined spaces within the vertical. Today. Right now.

Furthermore, most experts agree that a lorry crashing through a crowded marketplace will create havoc while causing mass collateral damage. The question then begs, could a Berlin like attack occur here in the U.S., outside a stadium, venue or arena?

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Cold Calls: Choosing the right apparel for outside work in winter

By Dan Mendelson

Record snowfalls have brought the topic of keeping warm to the forefront of plenty of security departments. While there are many considerations for a security director when thinking about the safety and health of their team members, a major concern at this time of year is sending employees out in the cold.

Keeping a guard healthy not only reduces time off for sick days, but helps keep them more alert and responsive to all situations. Having helped many large and small security forces over the years with apparel decisions we can offer these high level “must have” considerations.

Layers are your best defense. Keep it simple and think in terms of three layers; base layer, insulating layer and an outerwear layer. Your purchased uniform program may not include all these elements by default, but advising your guards to include three layers in their outfits will help protect them.

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Court: California security guards’ on-call breaks illegal

A work break is a work break according to California’s state Supreme Court.

Security guards employed by ABM Security Services had objected to a requirement that they keep their pagers and phones on during short rest breaks. The guards sued, and initially lost in appellate court. That ruling was overturned in December when the Supreme Court’s majority opinion noted that employers would have a “broad and intrusive degree of control” if they were allowed to keep employees on call during 10-minute rest breaks.

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White House Warns that AI and Robotics Threatens Jobs

Forget the Industrial Revolution or the Great Recession. The Technology Revolution is on track to becoming the greatest disrupter of all time.

A new report just issued by the White House paints a bleak picture for the American worker, cutting across many industries and business segments . Coming as little surprise the occupations most at risk are those with “low wages and educational attainment.” The report goes on to say that workers will need retraining and assistance as their skills are no longer valued.

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