VF Corp Acts to Minimize Impacts on Endangered Forests

Uniform companies are finding that being more environmentally-sensitive is a good fit both for users and the planet. And as more buyers take interest in products that come with a story or support a cause, companies are also discovering that reducing its carbon footprint can also boost its bottom line. From uniforms comprised of organic fabrics to those manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, the go green movement is a growing niche within the industry.

Now comes word that industry giant VF Corporation is furthering its commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing throughout the supply chain. The company, which manufactures law enforcement and public safety uniforms , has just released its first forest-derived materials policy, detailing preferences for materials that help conserve forest habitats. The policy also emphasizes the use of products made with recycled fiber whenever possible.

Will tomorrow’s guards be outfitted in eco-friendly uniforms? As demand grows, the niche may soon become the norm.

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