What’s the right fabric for your uniform program?


That depends on a number of factors, including budget, type of work performed and desired image.

The answer is further complicated by the sheer number of options on the market today. Yesterday’s polyester has given way to blended synthetics known for their durability and overall good looks. With added performance properties like wicking, anti-wrinkle, and UV protection, synthetics are often the fabrics of choice.

And then there’s cotton. Wearers love cotton; it’s soft, natural and breathable. Purchasing agents remain skeptical, citing the fabric’s inability to resist wrinkles, time it takes to dry and the probability that it will stretch or shrink.

But like its synthetic counterparts, today’s cotton is emboldened with performance enhancing features that wick away moisture, stretch and dry faster. These new treated fabrics are making inroads in the outdoor apparel industry, but the technology will surely have implications for uniform providers and their customers.

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