Why it’s better to say thanks, even when you’re wrong

“I’m out here trying to do a job, but they don’t respect security.”

This was the lament of a security guard in Chicago recently, whose job is to patrol the parking lot of a very busy shopping mall, alerting customers to the risks of leaving their vehicles unattended. Park in the wrong place, and you’re likely to be towed. While a few are grateful for the tip, most are not, and wind up gesturing and swearing as the guards approach.

Surprising? Not really, in an industry still flanked by negative stereotypes, it’s a familiar reaction. But so too is the response offered up by another guard, when asked how he responds:

“I try to be the better man.”

It’s a a reminder of the professionalism that embodies most who patrol the country’s venues, buildings, and malls, and the decency we all should have toward those who are simply doing what they’re expected to do.

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